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YC9 Sex Dolls

Are sex dolls legal in Australia?

Yes, there are no laws that stop you from owning a sex doll. However, it is illegal to own sex dolls that appear too young & child-like. These types of sex dolls are very illegal, and we do not sell any sex dolls like this for obvious reasons.

Will there be issues with customs?

Customs receive a lot of packages every day that need to be processed, cleared & approved for import. Due to these demands not all packages are opened for inspection so from time to time customs request additional paperwork & pictures from us to confirm that we are not trying to import child-like sex dolls. If this request is made on your order it will add a potential 24 – 48 hr delay in travel times.

For more detailed information, please click on the TAB - 'Customs & Import Tax' on the love doll you are interested in.

Who pays for customs duties and taxes – Will I get a bill for this?

We pay for all the customs duties and taxes that are associated with your order. Yes, that’s right, we pay your customs taxes. You will never receive an additional bill for this. Be wary of other competitors that offer a cheaper price as this usually means that they have under-declared the product value on the customs paperwork and 9 times out of 10 this causes very long delays and sometimes the item is seized.

For more detailed information, please click on the TAB - 'Customs & Import Tax' on the love doll you are interested in.

Does the courier know what is in the package?

No, never! Your package is sent in plain packaging with no mention of content or manufacturing company name. We respect your privacy and guarantee that no one will know the contents inside.

Why are sex dolls so expensive?

Our sex dolls are not inflatable but real silicone, TPE or M-TPE made with a strong metal skeleton frame that offers human-like body movements. The materials used are very expensive and the manufacturing process requires many hours of intensive human labour. This results in exquisite detail and super realistic features, including makeup and silky-smooth skin finishes. We strive to keep our prices very reasonable and affordable and with good care your sex doll will last for years.

Be wary of very cheap sex dolls, these sex dolls are defective.  Such defectives sex dolls are sought by other competitors from the manufacturing factories, so they can be sold very cheaply.  These dolls did not pass quality assurance processes.

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