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Justine the 140cm D-cup Sex Doll

Snuggle up with the delightful Justine sex doll at 140cm tall, you will definitely keep warm against her ample D Cup Breasts any time you like!
$1,984.45 $1,629.45

Bonita the 108cm L-cup Sex Doll

Bonita is so enchanting with a free loving soul and is all woman with full body curves. She is only petite at 108cm tall but features very large and bouncy L-cup breasts that you will never get bored of fondling. Once you meet her you will agree that she is not only stunning on the outside with her face full of passion but also on the inside.
$1,693.35 $1,551.35

Courtney the 166cm C- cup Sex Doll

Courtney the sex doll is a lover of the summer heat and her healthy tan truly supports her passion for the sun. She is 166cm tall and boasts a slender figure with perky C- cup breasts. She is full of energy and is always happy to try new things, especially outside in the sun. If you have always fantasized about a beach babe then you can not pass up this sunkissed beauty.
$2,303.95 $1,842.45

Jill the 166cm C-cup Sex Doll

Jill is physically fit and works very hard to maintain optimum looks. She is 166cm tall with natural size C-cup breasts. She loves the thrill of pumping weights and sweating - this sensation turns her on so much! Her stamina is amazing and she can pose in every imaginable position, this sexy hot woman is not for the faint hearted.
$2,303.95 $1,842.45

Kelly the 163cm H-cup Curvy Sex Doll

Meet Kelly, she is a curvaceous beauty with big H-cup breasts and a large rounded backside. She is 163cm tall and is a true natural woman from head to toe. Don't be fooled by her intellectual demeanour because Kelly is confident with her assets and she knows how to use them. If you are man enough to handle this lover then you are worthy of all she has to offer.
$2,449.50 $2,165.50

Kim the 108cm L-cup Sex Doll

Kim is a really nice woman that can make you laugh and smile when ever you need. She is adorable at 108cm tall but her super sexy L-Cup breasts will keep you entertained forever more. Once she is in your arms you will know she is yours and she is perfect!
$1,693.35 $1,551.35
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