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Kimono the 165cm B-cup Sex Doll

Kimono has her faith in tradition and is looking to honour her beliefs with loyalty & respect. She has perfect porcelain white skin and has a slim 165cm tall frame with very long legs. She will give you all the love and affection you could ever need and will always support your sexual needs. This lady has amazing little pink nipples that are very desirable and sit high on her ample B-cup breasts.
£1,803.71 £1,247.01

Nina the 168cm D-cup Half Closed Eye Sex Doll

There will be no need to imagine if your woman is enjoying your passionate touch with the very sensual Nina. Her face is full of lustful passion and her mouth is slightly open that shows she is ready for your man hood at any given moment. She is 168cm tall and her well formed breasts are the perfect D-cup handful.
£1,873.30 £1,316.60

Oriana the 168cm D-cup Sex Doll

Oriana is so ready for love in her life and she is hoping to find a man who will take very good care of her. She has so much to offer starting with her long and slender legs that support her 168cm height. Her nipples are perky and pink and share the spotlight on top of her full D-cup bosom. Are you the right man for her?
£1,873.30 £1,316.60

Quela the 165cm B-cup Sex Doll

Quela has an obvious split personality and she swaps between sweet & innocent to adventurous & kinky when ever the mood arises. She is slender standing at 165cm tall and has the most desirable perky B-cup breasts that sit youthfully in position. Are you the type of man who can handle both sides of her?
£1,803.71 £1,247.01

Star the 168cm D-cup Sex Doll

This beautiful lady dreams of been a movie star and she definitely has the looks to captivate any audience. Star is a very kind and gentle person who is 168cm tall & features gorgeous D-cup breasts that could be the star of your very own movie fantasy.
£1,873.30 £1,316.60

Fleur the 140cm Big Breasts F-cup Sex Doll

Fleur the sex doll has the most amazing dark chocolate brown eyes, she is total perfection at 140cm tall & big bouncy F-cup breasts. Her skin is flawless and is creamy white that not only looks realistic but feels so soft & smooth. There is no doubt that you will a very happy person with this dark haired beauty in your life.
£1,792.57 £1,235.87
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